Extra-Large "Polis" Women's Office Shoulder Tote Handbags in Bone-Beige, Black, Navy Blue, Brown, Red
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"Soft-Bodied Weekender" Extra-Large Tote Bag with Crossbody Strap in Chocolate Brown, Black
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Extra-Large Shopper Tote Bag "Paris Hologram" with Clear Jelly Panels in Silver Trim
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Extra-Large Hobo "Lucite Links" Hand Bag w/Attachable Cross-Body Strap in Blue-Grey, Black, Brown
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Extra-Large "Fashion Travel-Size" Glossy Ostrich Tote Bag in Hot Pink, Deep Tan, Brown, Blue, Cream, Light Grey, Black
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Oversized "Diamond Stitches" Traveler's Tote Bag with Attachable Shoulder Strap in Blackened Red Wine, Blackened Blue, Brown, Black, Grey
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Extra-Large "Weekender Bucket" Crossbody Convt. Handbag in Beige
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"Oversized Feather" Waist-Jewelry Womens Belt in Gold, Silver
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